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1. Name

Timothy Cheong

2. Favourite Wargame(s)

New Wargames: Down In Flames

Old Wargames: Empires in Arms (EIA), World in Flames, Upfront, Wooden Ships & Iron Men, Squad Leader, Holy Roman Empire (Wargamer, trying to find this game)

3. Preferred wargames

Gunslinger, HannibalRome vs Carthage, Storm Over Armhem (have not played to the turn with British ammo shortage), Dune, Ace of Aces (Book game), Star Chambers (on-line space game), Clash of Steel / Strategic Command (Computer game), many of Rob Markham’s games, Fight on the Beaches (Wargamer – I am trying for find this game), Europa Universalis (computer game),

4. Preferred period


World War Two (Secondary choice:  Napoleonic)

5. Preferred scale


Tactical.  I do like others with a tactical feel, hence my preference for Empire in Arms and World in Flames. 

6. Preferred type



7. Other information

I am intending to run a non-GMed game by email of EIA.  (temporarily put on hold until Ian is out of the doldrums – ie his studies)


Other games I want to try again - Clash of Giants, Hitler’s War, Rommel in the Desert, Star Fleet Battles, Silent Death (space tactical combat), Sword of Rome, Robo Rally (most fun after 2am), Steel Panthers (computer game), Panzer General series (Computer games), Panzer Command (I like the system),


Never played before but interested in trying:  War in the Falklands, Paranoia


I am interested in the playtesting a new game (Here I Stand)  but needs 3 or 6 players (


I am willing to try any game except Diplomacy.

8. Contact



9. Type of Player (Gamer or Simulationist-historian)

I prefer historical but I do enjoy many unhistorical games (Battletech, Gunslinger, Junta, Rise and Fall, Speed Circuit)