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1. Name

Chuang Shyue Chou

2. Favourite Wargame(s)


I havenít played enough to really have a favourite.

3. Preferred wargame(s)

Squad Leader, Up Front, Cross of Iron, East Front, Turning Point: Stalingrad


4. Preferred period(s)


The periods that I have an interest in are the Gunpowder Age including Thirty Years War, French Wars of Religion, Seven Years War (First and Second Silesian Wars), Renaissance, Napoleonic, Dutch Revolt, Age of Marlborough (War of Spanish Succession), English Civil War.


Pre-Modern: Austro-Prussian, Crimean War, Franco-Prussian, Risorgimento and a few others (Italians, Russo-Japanese), World War II, Modern (Gulf War, 1970s-1989 hypothetical world wars, etc), Medieval. (From the Hundred Years Wars to the Sword Brothers), Ancient or classical period including (Greek and Roman but not Egyptian, Hittites due to somewhat uncertain OOB and more).


You have probably noted that I did not state the Zulu War, American Civil War, Anglo-Afghan Wars, French Indian War, Opium War (I know very little on this particular one and would like to read more), Boer War, First World War, American Revolutionary War, Mexican War, and a few more. This does not mean that I am ignorant or uninterested in those periods,I have certain focuses at present. While my interests can seem diverse, I assure you that they can be extremely focused.

5. Preferred scale


Tactical to operational. For tactical, I would prefer not to delve down to man-to-man level. Squad, sections and fire-teams are perfectly fine. Some strategic level. I would prefer to play grand strategic level games on the computer. I would also like to differentiate between strategic and grand strategic if those terms mean anything. The latter would include nation-building, socio-political considerations and more.


6. Preferred type


Land. Some naval. I would prefer not to play air though I have quite a number of wargames on that topic. And I have played 'Flight Leader' and the 'Down in Flames' series.


7. Other information

I am available most weeknights and weekends. However, I lack the energy for marathon games and monster games. From time to time, I would not mind playing a marathon game if it is not a strategic level game.


Currently, if you have wargames from the Advanced Tobruk System (ATS), Panzer Grenadier series and the ASLK1, I would be most interested to play. World War II tactical is something I live for.


8. Contact


9. Type of Player

You can guess. While I enjoy a good game (like German
games, beer and pretzel-style lighter fare), my primary focus is history.