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1. Name

Elijah Lau

2. Favourite Wargame(s)

Don't really have a favourite. Not yet, anyway.

3. Preferred wargames

Top priority - any squad-level infantry wargame of WWII or modern warfare - SL, Firepower etc.

2nd in priority - operational-level wargames of WWII or modern warfare.

If there's enough people, I also enjoy multi-player political/wargame of any historical genre, like Diplomacy, Kingmaker etc.

4. Preferred period(s)


Almost all historical periods for political/wargames, WWII and modern period for tactical and operational games. Interested in ancient warfare only if it pertains to Biblical Israel, like the 1st Jewish Revolt.


5. Preferred scale(s)


Tactical, operational.

6. Preferred type(s)



7. Other information


Prefer wargames that can finish in one afternoon or evening. Will make exception for especially good games like Diplomacy. Hate fiddly 'monster' games.


8. Contact


9. Type of Player (Gamer or Simulationist-historian)

Gamer when playing Eurogames, historian when playing wargames. That said, I like playability in my wargames so no super-realistic, bean-counting, 100-hour wargame for me, thanks.