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1. Name

Chew Ee

2. Favourite Wargame(s)

New Wargames: Paths of Glory
Old Wargames: Russian Campaign / Russian Front

3. Preferred wargames

Am keen to try all types of wargames if given a chance.

4. Preferred period


World War Two

5. Preferred scale


Operational / Strategic / Grand Strategy

6. Preferred type


Any will do

7. Other information

A born again wargamer after stopping for about 10 years. Have recently bought 20 games from the net [And they cost me a bomb!] Is keen to find players to play them. So if you are interested in wargaming, feel free to contact me.

I have a room in my house where I play games with my friends and thus can 'save' a game on a table for several sessions. [Is currently playing POG over several evenings] I don't mind long games as long I have keen player who are also interested. Unfortunately, I stay in the East side of
Singapore and all of you seems to stay in the West or North.

8. Contact


9. Type of Player (Gamer or Simulationist-historian)

Depend on whether I am playing for realism or for fun.
Games must of course have certain amount of historical accuracy.
In fun session, I will play any games...but somehow I cannot get myself interested in Euro-games.