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October 2005

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The directory of wargamers in Singapore is a list of players of wargames. In a nutshell, wargames are defined here as historical and modern simulations of conflict. The wargames represented here will include the following types:


  1. Hexagon grid wargames
  2. Point-to-point wargames
  3. Area-based wargames
  4. Miniatures
  5. Other specialised wargames utilising a different grid system


The wargames will include ‘Squad Leader’, ‘Breakout! Normandy’, ‘Attack Sub!’, ‘Up Front!’, ‘The Devil’s Horseman’, ‘Prussia’s Glory’, ‘Victory in the Pacific’, ‘The Jewish War’, ‘West Wall Quad’, ‘East Front’, ‘Thirty Years War Quad’, ‘Hammer of the Scots’ and many more.


This directory is of a specialised nature and will only include wargamers who play games of the types in the abovementioned list. This directory will not include players of computer games, fantasy/SF games, lite family games about war (Axis & Allies, Eagle Games products, Risk), German games as there are many avenues for those other games.


Directory of Wargamers

David Buckland

Timothy Cheong

Chew Ee

Chuang Shyue Chou

Ian Grieves

Elijah Lau

Wayne Lo
Chris Pope
Augustine Ng

Ng Kee Tat
Pierre F. Schauner

Seah Seow Buay

See-Toh Hon Chew

Soo Chew Ming

Terence Tan

Tan Wei Yi

Wah June Hwang

Andreas Wein

Ian Yeo
Brian Yeoh


Upcoming Sessions

  1. 30.07.2005. Saturday. 7:00 pm.
    Game: Doubles Black Prince (SPI Great Medieval Battles Quad)
    Venue : To be decided later.
    Let Seow Buay know by THR
    noon if interested.


Previous Sessions

  1. 23.07.2005. ‘Old Contemptibles’. Seow Buay, Wei Yi, June Hwang.
  2. 16.07.2005. ‘Napoleon at Waterloo’. ‘Hammer of the Scots’. Seow Buay, Wei Yi.
  3. 23.04.2005. 'Struggle of Empires' at Andy's.
  4. 17.04.2005. Sunday. Tamburlaine. Terence versus Chew Ming.
  5. 16.04.2005. Saturday. '7 Ages' at David Buckland's.
  6. 03.04.2005. Sunday at NUS Yusof Ishaf House cafetaria, possible games : Saipan, Arnhem, Tamburlaine, 'Squad Leader Scenario 1 - the Guards counterattack', to decide by vote.
  7. 27.03.2005 - Session held at NUS Forum. S&T. Singapore and others. Terence, Chew Ming, Ian, Timothy, Seow Buay.
  8. 26.03.2005 - Session held at Bukit Tunggal Road. S&T.  Singapore.  Timothy, Seow Buay, Wei Yi, Shyue Chou.
  9. 19.03.2005 - Session held at Bukit Tunggal Road.  Great Medieval Battles. Tamburlaine. Angorra.  Seow Buay, Wei Yi, Augustine, Shyue Chou.
  10. 05.12.2004. Sunday. Squad Leader. June Hwang, Seow Buay, Terence, Shyue Chou.  Augustine.  Squad Leader 4th Edition Rules.
  11. Wargamers ‘Holy Roman Empire’. 27.11.2004 – David, Timothy, Ian, Chew Ee, Wei Yi, Augustine.
  12. 21.11.2004, Sunday. Session held at Bukit Tunggal Road. SPI ‘Leningrad’ played.
  13. Blackbeard. Thursday. 17.11.2004.
  14. Squad Leader Sunday. 14.11.2004 – Session held with five players. Hill 621. Squad Leader 4th Edition Rules.
  15. Sunday. 7.11.2004 – Session held at Dover Crescent. S&T ‘Breitenfeld’, ‘Cedar Mountain’ from S&T’s ‘Wilson’s Creek’.
  16. Sunday. 31.11.2004 – Session held at Bukit Tunggal Road. ‘Arnhem’ from ‘West Wall Quad’.


Wargaming Community in Singapore

The wargaming community was at its peak in the late eighties. Leisurecraft, a now defunct store, was the main retailer for wargames then. Robinson’s and Metro were the two other sources of wargames. The advent of cheap computers and the rising popularity of RPGs and collectible card games have seen the decline of the community. Today, the community consists of a handful of players. The directory is created to assist wargamers in locating other wargamers for a game.


Wargames Stores in Singapore

Unfortunately, a wargames store does not exist in Singapore. Absolute Comics at Bugis Junction carries about four to five wargames titles at present, however, it is mainly a retailer of toys and comics.


Singapore Wargame Meetup

Wei Yi is the organiser for the Wargame Meetup in Singapore. The meetup sessions have been irregular. The link for the meetup is



If you are an active or an active wargamer and you want to be listed here, please send me information about yourself.  Click here for the template and send me an email.


Updated: 27.07.2005